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Wefing's has become a believer in the Duroboat.  We had a visit this summer from Katie and Elizabeth McPhail the two sisters who are also the daughters of the owner of Duroboat.  They were on an amazing summer journey around the "Great Loop" -- 6,000 miles in a 16 foot aluminum Duroboat.  They should be finished with their adventure in time to get back home before fall sets in.

Any aluminum boat up to that challenge is something we feel we can sell to our customers and be satisfied that they are getting a quality product.  In fact, the more we look at and learn about the boats, the more we are impressed with that quality.  So, we worked out a deal with the factory and we recently took delivery of our first three Duroboat hulls.

So check out the video below and others in our video menu, read their blog for further details of their adventure or, if you are in the area, call or stop by Wefing's Marine for the rest of the Duroboat story.
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